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Cosmostar's Quilts

Welcome To My Quilt Page

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These are not all of my projects that I have completed.  Only ones I have been able to get pictures of for posting.  Still working on gathering up more.  Enjoy!  :)

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2001.  This   I wanted to make a quilt especially for me and my new husband to be that would sort of reflect the fact that we both great up in the Great Northwest.  The Evergreen State, Washington!  Going toward an ocean feel.  Believe me, while living in a desert, you need a breath of fresh air every once in a while.

This quilt was made with 11 different Blues and 11 different Greens.  All materials were purchased and coordinated at Hobby Lobby.  Each block contains its own fabric combination in order to make them all completely different from every other one.  I made a combination in blue then would duplicate it in green.  

Once I had 24 blocks sewn together, it took about 4 hours of arranging them over and over in order to get the right balance and combination.  I ended up brainstorming about 15 ways to set each block individually, then threw it out the window and decided to treat it like one huge quilt block.  As you can see I set it on point.  This was quilted by Country Corner Quilts in Arkansas.

The quilt was kind of difficult to get a good complete picture, I had to settle for this partial till the weather gets better.  It measures 100" X 100" so this is great for anyone with a cover hog.

VQuilt 008.jpg (386213 bytes) Virginia029.jpg (234705 bytes)

I titled this one "Love makes the world go round".  Perfect pinwheels!  Shown prior to quilting.  This quilt was made for my cousin's wedding, Sept 2002.  Virginia loves irises and that was my inspiration.   I took the state flower fabric for ___  and also started to collect many purple and green fabrics.  I added some yellows for accent and highlight.  Since so many of my fabric choices were florals, I only thought it fitting to include a yellow with bubble bees to pollinate from year to year.  I had originally planned on using more of the iris material in the actual quilt, but it seemed to lose the overall feeling when cut into small sections so I ended up making it a boarder only.  I quit counting when I got to 35 different fabrics and there are many more, so there is a good variety and could classify this as a "scrap" quilt, but I planned it and didn't use any scraps at all.  They loved this quilt so much that they ended up using it for a reception background behind the head table.  What an honor.  This quilt is also a Queen/King size.

Pieced 2001, quilted 2002, presented Dec 2002.  I made this quilt with my mother in mind.  Growing up, mauve was her favorite color so I thought it fitting to do a burgundy/mauve quilt in a log cabin on point (top quilt).  This photo will have to do till I can get my mother to take a better picture.  I did include my EQ4 picture from when I was designing it.  I have a problem remembering to take the photos before giving quilts as gifts.  As you can see my fabric approval department is taking a break by inspecting the couch for loose springs.

On the back of the couch is a quilt that I made from old flannel shirts that I purchased at the Goodwill.  The directions I followed were found on the internet, called a Blizzard quilt.  Different length strips, standard widths randomly put together.  I think I pieced most all of this one in about 3 hours of just grab and sew. I used a flannel queen flat sheet for the backing and just tied the quilt with the red yarn.

DSCF0011.JPG (242368 bytes) DSCF0012.JPG (321341 bytes)

Ok, so I spent some time messing with some scraps over the weekend.  I tried the Bargello method from  for this scrap quilt.  I think that the top came out quite nice.  Haven't decided how to quilt it.  I am playing with the idea of hand quilting it since it is smaller.

Nicki's Girls cuddle quilts 2003-03-09 001.jpg (298291 bytes) Nicki's Girls cuddle quilts 2003-03-09 003.jpg (285232 bytes) Nicki's Girls cuddle quilts 2003-03-09 007.jpg (337492 bytes)

Well I wanted to work on some kind of piecing Sunday a couple weeks ago,  so I made a couple snuggle quilts for a high school friends little girls.  I knew their favorite colors so I was able to make them with the same pink but with a dominate favorite color of purple or blue.  I started with 6" squares.  I backed them with some flannel and machine quilted them.  These are approx 24"x24", not very big but great for a 2 & 4 yr old to snuggle with.

DSCF0008.JPG (292777 bytes) DSCF0007.JPG (238619 bytes)

Well hopefully we will be buying a house sometime in the next year so I have started thinking about what kinds of things I would like for my new home.  Had to start with some placemats and practice some paper piecing.  I think they turned out much better than I could possibly plan for.  I also have 3 or 4 colors to choose from when deciding what color to paint the dining room.  My husband thinks I am crazy for only making 3.  There are only 3 of us, why do I need more than that?

2004, Daisy Shirley