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Cosmostar's Quilts

Patriotic Round Robin

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Patriotic RR 001.jpg (126099 bytes)

My Patriotic Round Robin center.

DSCF0002.JPG (195067 bytes)

I added the first border on this center for Stacy.

PRR 20031031 001.jpg (273611 bytes)

This is Judy's.  I did the outer border.  Stacy had done an elaborate one so I needed something simple.

Ann's Top 001.jpg (278794 bytes)

Ann's top with my super simple border.  Why is it I always feel like my border should be simple after all that detail work?

Linda's top 2.jpg (293824 bytes)

Last but not least Linda's top.  I did the appliqué hearts by hand.  I had just taken a class so I got to put my new knowledge to use.

I will have an update as to what mine looks like.  I haven't gotten a picture of it yet but I love it.

© 2004, Daisy Shirley