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Cosmostar's Quilts

Dear Jane Journey

Here is a picture of my final layout for my received swap Dear Jane blocks.  I am in the process of hand quilting the entire thing.  I received these on June 13th and I have the bottom left 3 blocks quilted and part of the 4th. 

I am using YLI thread and a small 10 inch hoop.  My husband keeps bitching at me to put it in my bigger stand hoop.  I just tell him  that if he wants me to quilt in the the bedroom and ignore him I will, but  I do it this way so I can sit on the couch and watch TV with him and the kid.

Updated: Oct 31st.  I have the grid fully quilted and the bottom two rows hand quilted in detail.

DJ Swap quilt 021.jpg (133724 bytes)  DJ Swap quilt 019.jpg (150814 bytes)

2004, Daisy Shirley