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Cosmostar's Quilts

Sewing Machines

Started out with my mothers older 1980s Bernina 901.  Hauled that around for several years before, what I thought, upgrading to a newer machine.  One of my younger sisters now has it.  Since , I have found how saught after these machines still are.

I now have a Euro Pro that I have been using for a year and a half.  I bought it off the internet through, they were wonderful to work with.  Very friendly and quick with shipping it to me.  I like this machine a lot but it has no quilting features and is totally mechanical.

In a discussion thread at in both the quilting and sewing forums, there has been quite a bit of talk about the Brother CS-8072.  This machine is semi computerized and has a few features that I guess I never considered looking for in my last machine.  I know it can be bought at Walmart and is the same machine, different model number, as is sold at a much higher price at a sewing machine dealer  I don't need the sewing classes provided through dealers so why pay more?  I went and put it on layaway last weekend, how could I resist everyone else was having fun playing with theirs.

Always wanted a treadle machine.  I love history and enjoying having pretty antique items around.  If it is old, pretty and still works even better.  I won a beautiful Singer treadle in a cabinet off of EBAY.  Of course I made sure that it was ok with my husband before bidding, that is since if I won I was going to have to drive from Denver CO to Gardner KS to get the thing.  It was either do that or pay almost $500 in freight.  We ended up making it a nice little trip over a three day weekend. You can see in the pictures that I was able to catch my fabric approval department investigating the new addition.  It has become her new perch in the living room.

2004, Daisy Shirley